Competition is a tricky thing. A lot of us are competitive, which I’ve always said is healthy, but likely many things, it’s important to define what that means. Competition is most notoriously known for beating someone else or winning. For me, competition has always been a little different. My definition of competition has always been being the best that I can be. I might not beat my husband at a beach sprint (might be referencing a recent loss), but as long as I know I tried as hard as I freaking could, I will give him a high five for beating me all day long. I actually secretly love it when other people beat me at things. First of all, I’m always really happy for them because I know how amazing it feels to accomplish something you’ve worked hard for. Second, it is usually inspiring to me and sometimes brings my focus to something I want to work harder at.

Since I’m on vacation, I’ll keep this one short and sweet. This quotes made me think of the above perspective:

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