I am a 36 year old digital marketer in Seattle. I’m passionate about my industry, but find it nice to take some time once a week to think about things outside of work. I find that doing so inspires me, refocuses me and makes me more productive. Seldom do I generate my own original content, but often I find brilliant other people who inspire me. I share their thoughts to hopefully inspire you.

Other random factoids about me:

  • I like wine
  • I have 2 young daughters
  • I have 2 dogs
  • I live on 3 acres in the country
  • I’m a gym rat
  • I love to travel
  • I like martini’s and you can see my martini posts via #olivemontage
  • I’m a liberal hippy
  • I love fashion, but don’t proclaim to be great at it
  • I’m a data geek
  • I’m a truth teller
  • I love to swear and do so often when I’m not around my daughters, but I’ve slipped a few times in front of them too